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Event 1

Early morning watering of our downtown planters. Half our planters are on automatic irrigation, the other half are hand watered 3 times a week.

Event 1

Thank you volunteers for watering and caring for the beautiful plants.

Event 1

Gorgeous day for the Y-Bridge Arts Festival. Visit Zane's Landing and enjoy the beautiful Arts. Music, amazing art, yummy food and beverages.

About Us

The Muskingum Valley Garden Society is a non-profit-making association founded in 2009. The society is organized entirely on a volunteer basis system. The Muskingum Valley Garden Society is registered as a non-profit company in Ohio.

Our vision is to create ecologically sustainable gardens through habitat plantings, organic cultivation, biodiversity, preservation, and a celebration of the seasons. The Society will promote a horticultural and inspirational environment through education, enhancing the quality of life for the community and gardeners of all ages. The Society supports and collaborates with civic clubs, service organizations and local green businesses to achieve these goals.6